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The Art of Humanity with Jessica Ann is a weekly podcast that explores creativity and consciousness with artists, leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs. This podcast explores the deeper truths of society, with poignant insights that integrate spiritual principals into a new paradigm of content marketing. Guests include best-selling authors like James Altucher, internet pioneers like Jeff Pulver, leading marketers like Bryan Kramer and other incredible thinkers and innovators in the world today. Listen for visionary insights to evolve your business. #listenexploreevolve
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Jun 24, 2015

In Episode 12, Jessica Ann talks with Molly McCord. 

Molly is an author and a practicing intuitive astrologer who has connected with clients in over 20 countries. She hosts a popular weekly radio show which has attracted over 70,000 downloads in the first year.

Molly has a B.A. in Political Science and Women’s Studies, and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy as a formal channel for understanding Global Consciousness with a Jungian perspective. She is TESOL certified and volunteers her time teaching English to college-level international students.

Molly is currently an Ambassador for Women for Women International, a non-profit organization which provides education and and business training for marginalized women in developing countries.

She is the Founder and Director of Spirituality, an online destination for Mastery Courses and consciousness-raising resources.

In this episode, Molly and Jessica Ann discuss: 

  • What "consciousness" really means 
  • How to make conscious choices
  • How dreams allow you to better trust your intuition 
  • Why joy and bliss are signs of an expanding consciousness 
  • How grounding and self-care can make you more powerful 
  • The lifecycle states of consciousness 
  • Why today - in this current state of humanity - we are urgently feeling the need to go back in time, to relearn ancient wisdom

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