The Art of Humanity

The Art of Humanity with Jessica Ann is a weekly podcast that explores creativity and consciousness with artists, leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs. This podcast explores the deeper truths of society, with poignant insights that integrate spiritual principals into a new paradigm of content marketing. Guests include best-selling authors like James Altucher, internet pioneers like Jeff Pulver, leading marketers like Bryan Kramer and other incredible thinkers and innovators in the world today. Listen for visionary insights to evolve your business. #listenexploreevolve
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Apr 28, 2015

Episode 4: Relationship coach Mark Groves (@createthelove on instagram)

Mark Groves is a relationship coach and writer who shares inspiration on love, honesty, trust, sex and magic. 

In this interview, Mark and I discuss:

  • What prompted him to start writing about love 
  • How he lives in alignment with his intuition and his heart
  • Societal constructs around love and relationships 
  • The paradox of love and freedom 
  • How to build a relationship that feels free 
  • Why being true to love means existing within the integrity of what you know
  • How men can be expressive and assertive in how they feel without it affecting their masculinity 
Apr 22, 2015

Shannon Hernandez is Dave Grohl’s shorter twin. He has a passion for being on the radio and educating the everyday man/woman to do what he does. During our conversation we discuss: 

  • What it's like to live the dream he's had since a little boy
  • How to get used to the sound of your own voice
  • The music that inspires him 
  • Books and philosophy
  • How he rewired his mind to lose a ton of weight

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Apr 17, 2015

I'm already breaking the rules in this second episode. I'm supposed to stick to the "30 minute" format (blah blah blah) but I already got bored with that idea. I have 30 minute episodes planned with guests for future shows but for now, it's just you, me, and Dupree.

I figure that you want to know a little bit about me...since I am your host. So, in this episode, I share a story about me and a stranger. I may or may not say the word "erectus." You'll have to listen to find out. 

And then...I describe what this podcast series is about...humanity and the awakening of human consciousness. Consciousness helps us to awaken and expand to our human desires. It makes you open to the totality of receiving. And all that good stuff.

My hope is that my guests inspire you to Awaken, to find balance, and to seek consciousness and creativity in the face of change.

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Apr 13, 2015

Jeff Pulver discusses: 

  • His early influences in life, and why he wanted to connect the world together
  • How radio gave him the chance to connect and engage with people from all walks of life
  • The paradox of vulnerability and strength
  • How music and lyrics guide his life
  • How to allow yourself to connect to your flow and have the confidence to "just Be."
  • The spiritual moments that happen by being outdoors in Nature.